Positive Parenting Techniques by Tammy Sassoon

I’ve often heard parents lament, “Wouldn’t it be great if children came with an owner’s manual?”
I finally decided it was time to create one. My new “4 Weeks to Successful Parenting” course is broken into 4 sessions that present techniques that every parent wants to know to build strong relationships, have happy children, and a relaxed home life.

Every Parent Can Succeed !

Positive Parenting  
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I am ready to learn the secrets to successful parenting



“Tammy’s parenting strategies are truly phenomenal. Her behavioral techniques are extremely clear and effective. They tackle many problem behaviors and help parents to set firm boundaries. Since we started implementing Tammy’s techniques our home life has become more pleasant and managable. We have seen such a positive response from our son. I highly recommend taking the time to learn Tammy’s strategies. In just a short amount of time you will see a dramatic change in your child’s behavior..”
— Jennifer Miz, mother of child with ADHD

“Amazing and Very practical for any parent. I like how the steps are so clear and easy to follow. Thank you so much”
— Lina M.

“Tammy has helped me improve my household in so many ways. She helped me create healthy boundaries and she gave me the confidence to implement many techniques that have benefitted my children tremendously. She has helped me build a home with a foundation of love and security. Thank you so much, Tammy for all of your help!!!”
— Gloria B.

“I took the parenting course both live and in person and benefited very much. Tammy’s down to earth approach makes the skills easier to implement. As a special educator myself I gained real tools and knowledge to help me understand my children better and deal with situations that arise. It was a weekly “check-in” with my parenting skills and I loved it! I highly recommend her course to anyone who is living in a fast paced environment and looking to be a better mother (don’t we all fit into that? ) Tammy Sassoon is a brilliant educator and I gained a lot from her.”
— Karen R.

“Tammy taught me how to be a more decisive mother. She gave me specific techniques that taught me how to keep an aura of control in the house. I learned how to not talk excessively and to follow through with what I say. I’m not embarrassed to take my kids out with me because I have confidence to parent correctly. Once you have skills, it replaces the frustration. Tammy, I appreciate all that you have done for me. You truly are blessed and have so much to give. People have asked me,how do u keep calm while parenting? All I need to say is Tammy.”
— Rebecca K.