About Tammy

Tammy Sassoon - Positive Parenting Techniques

Tammy Sassoon is an acclaimed expert in the field of Behavior Management. She uses very specific practical strategies to inspire difficult children to comply with the adults who are in charge of them. She is a professional speaker who gives workshops to teachers, principals, and parents in order to help them gain compliance from even the most oppositional children.

Tammy is the Chief Behavioral Consultant at the Behavior Management Center in Brooklyn, New York, where she trains parents and school personnel in applying specific techniques that result in quick success. Tammy consistently goes into homes and schools and creates highly effective programs that motivate oppositional children to cooperate with the adults who are in charge of them.

Tammy was a hyperactive, oppositional child and is now able to provide first-hand insight into dealing with children who have difficulty listening. Though Tammy trained under many professionals who are experts in her field, most of her clinical experience in behavioral consulting comes from her own life experiences with defiant children. Left alone, these children’s lives could have resulted in many failures, but with the right interventions they turned out to be successful people.Anyone who learns the strategies that Tammy prescribes will be amazed by watching the speed at which oppositional children begin to cooperate.

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